Simon’s Awareness Walks

One of the aspects of my work that I find particularly rewarding is helping people bring into focus something that’s been on the edge of their awareness. This leads to new perspectives and ways in which to approach life.

Something I’ve always found helpful when feeling a bit down or unclear is to get outdoors for a walk. Various stimuli in the environment trigger different paths of thought and seem to make new connections. So this is another route to expanded awareness.

A number of studies have found physical exercise to be beneficial to mental health, and walking is acknowledged to be calming.

Reflecting on these points and also with the appreciation that some people don’t wish to attend counselling in the traditional sense, I decided to offer ‘awareness walks’. These differ from the Buddhist practice of ‘walking with awareness’ (meditation while walking), in that the intention is to be present with one’s existential reality.

Essentially, I accompany you on a walk in the park. It’s up to you if there’s something in particular that you wish to talk about. Otherwise, there’s the opportunity to be fully present with the experience in the moment and just go wherever it leads. While out on the walk, my role is to assist you with presence and reflection. You set the pace and you get some physical exercise as an added bonus!

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