Please note that confidentiality is vital in our work and so we always preserve the anonymity of our clients when publishing testimonials unless express permission has been granted otherwise.


“I’d highly recommend Complete Couples to anyone who feels they need some extra help and guidance in their relationship, or wishes to explore their relationship and communicate better with their partner. Debbie is very professional, personable and thorough. She is flexible, punctual and offers an ambient, comfortable safe space to work together in. She helped me to find my voice and guided my partner and I through our concerns and some very difficult life changing/turning points. We learnt about relationship dynamics, getting curious with each others’ feelings, setting and acknowledging boundaries and most importantly, we learnt that we can talk through any situation whilst still valuing each other and being kind and strong in our relationship. Thank you Debbie.”

Elizabeth, South East London


“We are in a much better place now as a couple than we have been for a very long time. We needed some kind of intervention to get us back on track. We are both very happy that we decided to look for some help.”

Paula & Mike, London


“You saved our relationship, and as a consequence our family, by teaching us tools that helped solve problems and conflicts we were struggling with for years. We would not have been able to do this on our own – we did try. Our relationship and life has improved tremendously as a result, we are extremely grateful.”

Teresa & Jeff, New York


“We have enjoyed the sessions; particularly the first session of reflective listening, where I think we managed to be heard by each other in a way that perhaps we had not heard each other before. This gave us a platform to appreciate exactly what impact our actions were having on each other and better understand the pressure points and the triggers behind the feelings that each of us feel when behaving the way we do.  I also think it was good just to get an element of perspective on our relationship from the experts. It is all too easy to get caught up in some ‘drama’ and become entrenched believing that our situation is unique and that no one will understand the dynamics of our relationship. In some ways it is encouraging to realise that the discussions we have and the emotions we feel are nothing new and that it is simply a hurdle for us both to negotiate together and not necessary a crisis where we each believe we are 100% correct and the other is wrong.”

Ranjit & David, London


“We found our sessions helpful and doing the work has certainly moved us on; particularly in enabling us to accept some important and different things about each other, and being ready to look at things together in a more useful and healing way. It was great that you were a couple in relationship too, and that you were different, which supported our differences.”

Mary & Paul, Cambridge



“Thank you for your amazingly wonderful and in-depth course. We have been using the tools and it has revolutionised our relationship and allowed the love to be more present. Many thanks and we would love to be informed if you are doing any more.”

Angela & Michael, London


“It was much more thorough and informative than I expected. Good balance of practical exercises and informed theory.”

Peter, Basingstoke


“Very good, as the tutors were in a professional as well as a personal relationship, they were teaching from practical experience.”

Gloria, Tonbridge


Professional Training:

“Debbie and Simon are great trainers. The four dates were informative, insightful and fun. I loved the range of teaching methods and have already recommended the course to two colleagues. Fantastic handouts also. Lovely and safe group.”

Phil Puttock, counsellor, Brighton


“Excellent attention to detail. The course draws attention to the most important considerations and provides a comprehensive toolkit for anyone starting out as a couples counsellor.” 

Phil Martin, therapist, Bournemouth


“I found most helpful the depth of experience of both leaders….the supervision of role-plays was done well and helpful. Everyone was given permission to join in or sit it out or passively participate. I found that sensitive”

B, therapist


“An extremely clear and informative course. Very well organised. Delivered with clarity and warmth. Very useful.”

Kate Renner, Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living, Herts


“What was good about the training was the generosity of both Simon and Debbie in what they gave to us – the information was clear. The handouts and the thought and effort put into the two days was very much appreciated.”

Diana, Cornerstone


“The training exceeded my expectations. The teaching was very open and it felt like a safe place to take on new ideas.”

Libby, Connect Counselling