Debbie’s Book Collection

There are a great number of books on the complex and fascinating subject of couple relationship and I enjoy reading as many of them as possible!

Of course, no single book can even begin to cover everything, but some have stood out to me as being particularly good reference works on certain topics. Others contain useful practical exercises or interesting theories.

To add to the intrigue, the opinions of established authors in this field are frequently found to disagree, so there are always different perspectives to take into consideration.

On this page, I’m putting together a collection of my favourite books that I hope you’ll find useful. They’re in no particular order, although those in the separate list are aimed more at therapists.

The Couple’s Journey – Susan M. Campbell
Getting the Love You Want – Dr. Harville Hendrix
Hold Me Tight – Dr. Sue Johnson
How To Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It – Patricia Love & Steven Stosny
The New Rules of Marriage – Terry Real
Nonviolent Communication – Marshall Rosenberg
Passionate Marriage – Dr. David Schnarch
Tell Me No Lies – Dr. Ellyn Bader & Dr. Peter Pearson
Take Back Your Marriage – William J. Doherty
The Divorce Remedy – Michele Weiner-Davis
The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work – John Gottman
Breaking the Cycle: New Insights Into Violent Relationships – Neil Jacobson & John Gottman
After The Affair – Janis Abrahams Spring
The State of Affairs – Esther Perel
It Takes One to Tango – Winifred M. Reilly
Intimacy After Infidelity – Lorie J. Teagno & Steven Soloman

For therapists:

In Quest of the Mythical Mate – Dr. Ellyn Bader & Dr. Peter Pearson
Patterns of Attachment – Mary Ainsworth
A Secure Base – John Bowlby
The Practice of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy – Dr. Sue Johnson
The Developing Mind – Daniel J. Siegel
Helping Couples on the Brink of Divorce – Steven Michael Harris & William M. Doherty
Childhood & Society – Erik Erikson
Domestic Violence & Family Safety – Arlene Vetere & Jan Cooper
Oneness & Separateness – Louise Kaplan
Family Evaluation – Michael E. Kerr & Murray Bowen
Family Therapy – Michael P. Nichols & Richard C. Schwartz
Developmental Theory & Clinical Process – Fred Pine
Constructing The Sexual Crucible – Dr. David Schnarch